As someone who likes to take the path less traveled, below are some photos I have taken throughout my adventures overseas. If landscapes aren't my subject of capture, then I usually capture day-to-day life.

All photos were taken with my trusty Canon EOS 6D.
Bosnia & Herzegovina
This country has left an impression on me—the incredible kindness and generosity I've experienced. The multiple distinct cultures coexist, from the architecture to the locals. And lastly, the conflict and aftermath of the Bosnian War.
This is the country where I learned a lot about myself. Traveling by yourself pushes you outside of your comfort zone. Successfully navigating a foreign transportation system is something I'd consider a win. But the major highlight of this trip: seeing the Milky Way in Split, Croatia.
On one of the first trips, I traveled with two complete (and fantastic) strangers—road tripping the entire Ring Road sounded like a lonely experience, and I'm glad I reconsidered it. 
I mostly stayed around Kotor and Dobrota for four days. The experience here felt pretty authentic since I got to experience how Montenegrins generally spend their summers. Watching a water polo game is a sight to behold!
This is the first country I have ever visited outside of the USA. Furthermore, this is where my mother is from. Learning about the culture and experiencing the place she grew up in has been an experience.
One of the first trips I went on with two of my closest friends. Experiencing this country with them has been an experience. I consider myself a pro at traversing through Vietnamese traffic.
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